The World of Norman Rockwell Plates

Norman Rockwell Plates are a special type of dishware that have been around since the 1800s. They were originally made out of bone china, but now they come in many different colors and materials, including porcelain. There are also a few different types of Norman Rockwell plates to choose from: regular dinner size, small appetizer size, large entrée size, dessert size and more! In this blog post, we’ll explore what these dishes are all about – their history and how they’re used today.

Which Norman Rockwell Plates Are Worth Money

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Who was Norman Rockwell?

Norman Rockwell was a painter and illustrator during the first half of the 20th century. He is most well known for his scenes from Americana, including Christmas time, Thanksgiving and other seasonal events.

Norman Rockwell primarily used oil paints as his painting medium. As he grew older, he also began to use watercolor paint or pastels in some pieces. His illustrations were published mostly in magazines like The Saturday Evening Post. Norman Rockwell is probably remembered best for paintings such as “Rosie the Riveter,” which has become an icon representing women’s empowerment during World War II; “Triple Self-Portrait”, where three versions of himself are seen; and “The Gossips”, where two women sit on a bench, whispering to one another.

Norman Rockwell’s works have been celebrated with exhibitions at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City and other art galleries around the world. He has also appeared as an animated character in The Simpsons episode “Homer vs. Lisa and the Eighth Commandment.”

In his lifetime, Norman Rockwell sold more than 300 million copies of his prints. Today many people still enjoy collecting paintings by Norman Rockwell.

What Makes Norman Rockwell Famous?

Norman Rockwell is considered one of America’s most popular artists because he captured important moments from everyday life.

His best-known works include “The Four Freedoms,” a series of four paintings, for which he also wrote the famous speech by President Roosevelt about what America hopes to achieve; “Rosie The Riveter”, which became one of the most widely reproduced images in history and symbolizes American women who worked during World War II factories, mines, shipyards and airplane plants while their husbands were away at war; and “Saying Grace,” an image that captures the innocence of childhood with its depiction of three children sitting around a table before dinner time.
Norman Rockwell became famous because he captured the essence of American life in his artwork.

His first cover illustration appeared on The Saturday Evening Post on November 26, 1916.

He is credited with creating the iconic image of a smiling Santa Claus dressed in red and white with eight reindeer pulling a sleigh loaded with gifts for all of his good little boys and girls.

Collector plates featuring Norman Rockwell are great Christmas gift ideas because they look elegant on any wall or mantelpiece.

Norman Rockwell Collector Items

If you’re a Norman Rockwell collector, you ‘ll love the selection of vintage Norman Rockwell collector plates you can find online.

The paintings on these classic collectors’ items are reproduced from authentic original works by the Norman Rockwell, and they will look great in any home library or dining room.

Aside from plates and paintings, other Normal Rockwell collectibles include glassware, clocks, calendars, mugs, and much more.

What are Norman Rockwell Plates?

Norman Rockwell Plates

Norman Rockwell Plates are a type of dinnerware that is adorned with one of Rockwell’s famed images. The plates were made between 1959 and 1967 for the Homemaker Department at Macy’s in New York City. They feature many famous images from some of his most well-known paintings, which include “The Four Freedoms,” “Rosie The Riveter” and “Saying Grace.”

Norman Rockwell platers were first made by Doulton Pottery, then on October 19th, 1971, they switched manufacturing facilities and became made by Noritake China, which is based out of Japan. They are still being produced today but in lesser volume.

Different Types of Norman Rockwell Plates

There are two different types of Norman Rockwell plates: rimmed platters and standard-sized salad/dessert dishes that measure 14″x11″. Rimmed Plates have an illustration on one side only while Standard Plate sets depict one image per plate; both styles feature many of Norman Rockwell’s most famous and popular works.

Norman Rockwell plates are still being made today, but in lesser quantities than they were before 1971 when the manufacturer changed to Noritake China. In addition to rimmed platters that only have one illustration on each side, there is also a standard-sized plate set with one image per plate depicting some of his best known and loved work.

What’s the most expensive Norman Rockwell plate?

The most expensive Rockwell plate is the 16-piece set that was made in 1984. It includes a Norman Rockwell plate depicting his famous painting, “The Gossips.”

This is the most expensive of all plates because it’s rare to find this many pieces together today, and they’re hard to come by on their own as well.

Should You Invest in Norman Rockwell Collector Plates?

Some people collect plates featuring Norman Rockwell for their sentimental value; others buy a Rockwell plate to add something unique and special to their home.

If you are looking at investing in these kind of collector plates, there are a few things you should consider.
First of all, many of Rockwell’s plates come with the original box and certificate of authenticity, which is a good sign that it’s an authentic plate by Norman Rockwell. They can also be more valuable if they have been hand-signed by Rockwell himself or from Rockwell’s estate.

The value of a Norman Rockwell collector plate depends on the item and its condition. A mint condition plate makes a great addition to a Rockwell collection, but its price may be based on whether it’s vintage or new, limited edition or generally available, or how unique the piece is.

Collector Plates

Whether you’re looking for a Norman Rockwell collector plate or other collectible plates, it’s important to understand what you’re looking at and know the different types of plates.

Are any collector plates worth anything?

If you’re looking for collector plates that are valuable, look for old, vintage or antique ones.

Collector plates from the late 1800s to early 1900s are especially valuable since they’re often antique and hand-painted, but some of them were also limited editions that may be worth a lot of money today. The value also depends on their rarity and condition – for example, if you find one without chips or cracks in it, you could end up with a piece worth hundreds of dollars.

What are some valuable collector plates?

If you’re looking for a valuable plate, know that there are a lot of factors that influence the price.
Some pieces might be worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars because they were limited editions from an artist who has since died and is no longer producing any more art.

Some of the highest priced collectible plates include a set of five plates from the artist, John Henry Twachtman. John Henry Twachtman plates are worth $1500 to over $5000 depending on the condition of the plates and how many are in a set.

Collectible plates that might be worth more than their regular counterparts include those from John Deere, which have been made since at least 1962 but can sell for up to 30% higher because they’re collector’s items too. Other big names in collector plates are Disney, Coca-Cola, and Andy Warhol.

Besides the rarity of the plate itself or how many are in a set, one factor that influences the price is who’s on them. Some plates even depict people for whom collectors would pay more than they might otherwise just because they’re famous within their field, such as Norman Rockwell paintings.

Here are some other valuable collector’s plates to keep an eye out for:

  • Limoges porcelain: some of these can be worth up to $50,000 if they were created by a well known French company like Sèvres or Limoges
  • Blue Minton: these English porcelain pieces from the late 1800s are now worth as much as $30,000
  • Haeger: Haeger was originally founded in 1857 and their dinnerware is popular with collectors for being high quality and hand-painted. They may cost up to $1000 depending on rarity
  • Stoneware delftware: this is Dutch art from the 17th century.
  • China: China can be worth a lot of money but largely depends on when and where it was manufactured and what type of porcelain or pottery it is
  • Bisque: these are usually small figures made out of clay that were fired at high temperatures in an oven, sometimes with gold or silver
  • Porcelain tea sets: these were used in high society

As you can see. there are a lot of things to consider when looking for collectible plates, whether it’s a plate by Norman Rockwell or another type of collectible plate. Finding the right piece requires knowing what you’re looking for, and where to find it!