1864 Two Cents Coin: Unveiling Its Historical Significance and Value

1864 Two Cents Coin

In 1864, during a time of significant change for the United States amidst the Civil War, the 1864 Two Cents Coin was introduced into the currency system. This piece of coinage holds the distinction of being the first to bear the now-familiar motto “In God We Trust,” reflecting a nation in tumult seeking unity and … Read more

1876 Liberty Seated Half Dollar

1876 Liberty Seated Half Dollar

The 1876 Liberty Seated Half Dollar is a piece of American numismatic history that merits attention for its design and its place in the context of the time. Minted during a period of post-Civil War reconstruction and industrial advancement in the United States, this coin serves as a window into the era’s cultural and economic … Read more

1883 No Cents Liberty Nickel

1883 No Cents Liberty Nicke

The 1883 No Cents Liberty Nickel represents a fascinating piece of U.S. numismatic history, notable both for its design and the circumstances of its production. Its inception marked a transition from the Shield Nickel, which had been in production since 1866, to a new series that featured the iconic Liberty on the obverse. The initial … Read more

1892 Columbian Commemorative Half Dollar

1892 Columbian Commemorative Half Dollar

The 1892 Columbian Commemorative Half Dollar holds a special place in the annals of American numismatics as the nation’s inaugural commemorative coin. Issued to fund and celebrate the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago and mark the 400th anniversary of Christopher Columbus’s voyage to the New World, it is a coin brimming with historical significance. Although … Read more

1909-S VDB Lincoln Cent

1909-S VDB Lincoln Cent

The 1909-S VDB Lincoln Cent holds a prestigious place in numismatic history, coveted by collectors for its rarity and storied past. Minted for a brief period at the San Francisco Mint, this particular penny is famously recognized for having the initials “VDB” stamped at the base of the reverse side, representing the designer Victor David … Read more

1916-D Mercury Dime Rarity and Value

1916-D Mercury Dime

The 1916-D Mercury Dime holds a significant place in the realm of coin collecting, renowned for its rarity and historical value. Struck by the United States Mint in Denver, this coin is a key date within the Mercury Dime series, which was minted from 1916 to 1945. The coin’s design, by Adolph Weinman, showcases a … Read more

Norman Rockwell Plates Value Guide

Norman Rockwell Plates Value Guide

Norman Rockwell plates have become a fixture in the world of collectibles, prized for their representation of American life and culture. These plates feature the iconic artwork of Norman Rockwell, known for his captivating illustrations that graced covers of the Saturday Evening Post and other notable publications. Collectors and enthusiasts cherish these plates, not only … Read more

1922 Peace Silver Dollar Value: How Collectible Are These?

1922 Peace Silver Dollar

The 1922 Peace silver dollar is a coin of both historic and numismatic significance, often sought after by collectors and investors alike. Minted in the period following World War I, it was intended as a symbol of peace, and its iconography reflects that intention. The value of this particular coin can vary greatly depending on … Read more

1888 Silver Dollar Value – What’s It Worth?

1888 Silver Dollar

The 1888 silver dollar, particularly the Morgan Silver Dollar, holds a special place in the hearts of collectors and investors alike. Minted over a century ago, the 1888 Morgan Silver Dollar encapsulates a slice of American history, representing an era of economic growth and industrial innovation. The value of these coins today is influenced by … Read more