Antique Cane Chairs – Find Cool Pieces from the 1700s

Antique cane chairs are the best way to add antique charm to your living room or porch. These chairs are not only antique but they are also very comfortable, durable and good looking. The antique cane chairs have a natural color of their own. They go well with any kind of decorating theme in your house. They can be used for indoor purposes as well as outdoor purposes.

Outdoors you will need some protection against harsh sunlight because antique cane seats tend to fade away soon when exposed to sunlight for longer periods of time. Indoors antique cane chairs look stylish and elegant and increase the antique look of your whole home décor without spending too much money on it!

If you want an antique feel before buying antique furniture then antique cane chairs can be a good choice for you since antique cane chairs are also known as antique wicker chairs. These antique cane chairs have been in use from the ancient times and they have been passed on from one generation to another through antique furniture dealers.

The antique dealers prefer antique cane seats over most other antique furnishings because of their durability and simple yet elegant look. The antique dealer feels that people appreciate simplicity more than anything else these days and they will always go for uncomplicated vintage style, whatever may be the cost! So antique chair – business is still going strong even after about six decades of its origin!

Antique Cane Chair
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Antique Cane Seats – Vintage Stylish Furniture For Outdoor Use

Since I’m talking about outdoor uses here, so antique cane chairs are also used as antique garden seats. They look beautiful in the gardens and they give your garden an antique feel too since they have been in use from past so many years!

These antique wicker chairs are not only good for the antique décor but are actually excellent for comfortable seating arrangements outside your house or in your balcony. You can also place them near swimming pools, water fountains or ponds.

Antique Cane Chairs – Beautiful And Eco Friendly Seating Arrangements

Any outdoor antique furniture tends to fade away easily because of exposure to harsh sunlight all day long. However, antique cane seats do not tend to fade away like that because of their natural color which is quite bright and attractive on its own! Moreover antique cane chairs are eco friendly antique furniture options because they do not need any kind of antique furniture polishes and antique leather polishes to retain their antique feel! They look new and fresh even after decades of use!

Antique Cane Chairs Are Durable And Eco Friendly Seats

Besides this, antique wicker chairs or antique cane seats can be brought indoors also when the harsh sunlight is out of the way. So it is like having outdoor and indoor antique furnishings in one package and at a very reasonable price too! If you think that vintage interior décor ideas are expensive then you will be amazed to see how economical antique cane seats can be for your home decorating needs. Moreover antique furnishings always add elegance and luxury to your house and antique cane chairs are no exception!

Antique Cane Chairs – Affordable Vintage Furniture For Making Your Home Look Stylish And Elegant

In fact, antique furniture can be a great way to do up vintage home décor ideas. In the modern world when the antique dealers have stopped providing antique products for people’s homes then they need some other antique replacement products like antique cane seats. These antique chair seats are not only eco friendly but also they are very durable since they will accompany you through several generations of your household! They also add an authentic look to your house which is lacking in most rooms nowadays.

Nowadays you can find antique cane seats made out of natural rattan fibers which give them the natural wicker appearance antique dealers look for! While antique cane seats are being used for indoor antique furnishings also, antique cane chairs are mainly used as antique garden furniture and antique outdoor furniture options.

History of Antique Cane Chairs

History of antique cane chairs dates back to ancient times when wicker was one of the preferred materials in making furniture for outdoors! However, antique cane chairs are gaining popularity by the day because they are eco friendly antique furnishings which add an antique feel to your house.

Vintage cane chairs have been made throughout the decades. Some of the notable periods for antique cane seat chairs include antique Victorian cane chairs, antique cane French antique furniture seats and antique cane chairs made during antique art deco movement. Today antique chair – making has become a great business for antique dealers because antique dealer products are in big demand all over the world!

Antique French Cane Chairs

You can tell a French cane chair by the antique cane back of antique cane chairs. The antique French caned chairs have antique braided rattan seats which are woven in a fine pattern to make it sturdy and strong enough for comfortable seating. In fact, French antique furniture makers have been making antique cane chairs for several decades because these vintage antique china cabinets appeal to the rich people of all classes.

Antique Art Deco Cane Chairs

You can tell an art deco cane chair by the vintage cane back and the antique cane seat. The art deco chairs have a curved antique cane back and they are woven together in an arch pattern with three to four weaves on the underside of the chair’s arms which give it a modern look! Although, most people who use these kinds of vintage seats do not know that these were made during 1930s and 1940s by European manufacturers who wanted to make something out of rattan for people living in metropolitan cities like Paris, London etc.

Antique Victorian Cane Chairs

You can tell a Victorian cane chair by the vintage cane back and the straight design of antique cane seats. The Victorian cane chairs have a classic style with an antique French-hewn wax finish which makes them stand out in your house! However, these old fashioned cane pieces are not very well built but they will certainly add to the overall look of your room to make it attractive and elegant for you and your guests alike!

Antique Cane Chairs – Vintage And Stylish Outdoor Furniture Options

In fact, wicker furniture is very much in demand even today as garden antique furniture and outdoor antique furniture options. So if you own a garden or a lawn then why not go ahead and invest in some vintage style cane seats since they not only look stylish but also they make your house look unique from other houses! The best part about these antique wicker seats is that they come at less than half of what you pay for antique wicker furniture and antique cane chairs manufactured today.

How To Tell The Age Of An Antique Cane Chair?

Antique cane chairs are much in demand these days because they add a vintage touch to your house. However, you should know that antique dealers sometimes adulterate the wicker chairs by adding an inexpensive wooden frame and then sell them at high prices! So how do you tell the age of an antique cane chair before you buy it?

  • Look for signs like chips and cracks on the base which usually ware out after several years of use.
  • The natural wicker strands used in making cane seats can be very easily peeled off. If this happens then your chair is not made well enough and could be unsafe to sit upon.
  • The antique dealer might also put up antique cane chairs which date back to 1960s and 1970s as 20th century cane chairs. In fact, these antique dealers may even label them as Victorian or antique French cane chairs! So you have to be really careful while purchasing your piece of vintage furniture from an antique dealer.

What Era Are Cane Chairs From?

Cane chairs date back to Victorian era of the 19th century. However, cane chairs were quite popular during 1970s and also in 1950s that people still think that vintage cane chairs are antique cane chairs! On the other hand, new designers have started making contemporary looking cane furniture for your living rooms so you don’t exactly need to spend a lot of money on buying antique wicker seats if you can afford modern ones which look just as good!

When Were Cane Back Chairs Popular?

Cane chairs were very much in demand during 1930s, 1940s and 1950s. However, art deco cane back chairs are quite popular because of the curved antique cane backs that these chairs have! Also, vintage French hewn cane furniture was very much in demand because it gave a Victorian look to your house which made it appear more classy and expensive for people who visited you at home!

On the other hand, wicker furniture today is quite popular as outdoor antiques since they do not rust or corrode even if they are kept outside all through the year long.

Antique Victorian Chairs And What Makes Them Popular?

It can be said that vintage French antique furniture has always been popular because of its old world charm. On the other hand, vintage Victorian cane seats are much in demand because of the old world charm that they give to your house by making it appear more classy and elegant. In fact, wicker furniture for sitting has been quite popular since Victorian era!

In fact, metal wire chairs were very popular during early 1970’s but then again these chairs could not stand harsh weather because they corroded easily! So if you have a garden seat made out of metal wire then be prepared to spend a lot of money on getting them painted every year so that the rust does not wear off the wires and spoil its appearance. Some antique dealers may try to sell such garden chairs as antique wicker seating options because nowadays there is a great demand for cane seating furniture as well!

So what are you waiting for? If you want to buy an old vintage wicker chair then don’t spend a lot of money on antique wicker furniture when modern cane seating furniture is just as good!

You can get contemporary looking cane chairs in finishes like burnished, black or even white so choose the color that would suit your house. However, if you can afford them then go for custom made seats which will not only look great with the existing setting of colors in your house but also cost much less than buying antique furniture from a shop! So enjoy sitting on your piece of handmade classic artwork and let us know what you think about it at our Facebook page!

What Are The Different Styles Of Antique Cane Chairs?

There are many different antique cane chairs styles. Belowed we have compiled a list of the most common cane chairs you can find in the antiques markets.

Elizabethan (1520–1620)

Elizabethan cane chairs were very popular during Elizabethan era because of its decorative painting and carvings.

Louis XIV (1643–1715)

Antique cane chairs which are made similar to Louis XIV chair style are very much in demand because of their simplistic design with minimal carvings.

Early American Style (1640–1700)

Early American cane chairs were very popular during early American era. In fact, plantation tables and cane chairs were the most functional pieces of furniture in colonial America because all the members of a family could sit at these tables and chairs to have their meals together!

Regency Style (1790–1830)

Antique cane chairs which have overstuffed cushions with ornate carvings on them are usually termed as Regency style cane chairs.

French Directoire (1795–1799)

When Napoleon Bonaparte became the first French citizen emperor then he made significant changes in design of furniture by removing excessive decorations from it. As a result, antique french directoire furniture is characterized by smooth curves with minimal carvings.

Carolean/Restoration (1660–1685)

Carolean cane chairs are very much in demand because of the simplicity of design. This style cane chair is also known as Restoration chairs since it was popular during Carolean/Restoration era.

Georgian (1714-1830)

Antique cane seats which are characterized by legs made out of turned wood with plain carving on it are known as Georgian cane chairs.

English Regency (1795–1810)

Antique cane chairs which have diamond shaped backs and other parts are called English regency chairs. These kind of antique furniture pieces will complete your traditional sitting room beautifully!

Queen Anne Style (1720–1760)

Queen Anne cane chairs became very popular during Queen Anne era. These kinds of cane chairs will add a traditional and classic look to your sitting room or conservatory!

Distressed Cane Chairs

Cane furniture is often described as wicker furniture but since it is made from natural canes then such cane seating furniture pieces are distressed over years of use and look antique very quickly! Distressed cane seats will add an old world charm to any home decor setting because of their unique weathered appearance.

So if you want to buy inexpensive wicker furniture for your patio, garden and indoor settings than modern cane chairs and vintage style wicker chairs are just what you need! You can get this type of luxury outdoor lounge seating in various styles like single chair, rocking chair, arm chair, corner chair and lounge chair!

Rococo (1730–1770)

Rococo cane chairs are made with a high level of intricacy with bright colors and gold gilt.

French Louis XVI (1774–1793)

Antique cane chairs which have symmetrical carvings on curved wood panel are called French Louis XVI style cane chairs. These antique furniture pieces will add a traditional look to your house!

William IV Style (1830-1837)

Cane chairs in William IV style have overstuffed cushions with ornate carving on them which makes these kinds of chair very unique in appearance. Such kind of cane seating will add a modern touch to your garden patio setting or living room decor!

Georgian Revival 1830-1890s

Georgian Revival is also known as Palladian Revival. This style of cane chair is made with plain wood paneling and its legs are carved in a vertical direction.

Queen Anne Revival 1885-1910

Queen Anne Revival cane chairs have an X-shaped backrest which provides extra support for the spine. Such kind of furniture pieces will complete your traditional sitting area beautifully!

Italianate (1860–1890)

Antique cane chairs in Italianate style feature turned legs or feet that curve outward at the bottom. These kinds of antique wicker furniture pieces will add coziness to any indoor setting!

Industrial Age 1865-1890

Industrial Age Antique Furniture reflect characteristics like cool iron finish, rough sawn edges, rivets and other metal hardware. Such kind of antique furniture is not only sturdy but also durable!

Belter (1845-1875)

Antique chairs in Belter style are known for their cabriole legs which make these chairs look beautiful. These kinds of vintage cane seats will add a traditional touch to your house interior decor setting!

Italian Victorian 1855-1900

Italian Victorian cane chairs have ornate carvings on wood paneling and legs that are carved with high relief patterns. This type of antique wicker seating will add sophistication to any room decor setting that you have in mind!

Tiffany Style 1888-1910

If you want buy antique furniture pieces then Tiffany Style cane chair is what you need because it features geometric cane paneling and a low X-back. These kinds of antique seating pieces will add a modern touch to your living room!

Chippendale (1750–the 1780s)

Cane Chippendale chairs were very much in fashion during early 1700’s. They come up with simple straight lines, turned legs and matching armchairs!

Shaker Style (1787–the 1860s)

The beauty of wooden Shaker style antique cane back chairs lies in the simplicity of shapes that can be achieved by just one piece of wood! Also, these kind of wicker furniture pieces look great due to their simplicity and elegance.

Sheraton (1790–1820)

Sheraton cane chairs are made with curly cues at the top of chair which are known as cabriole legs. These kinds of antique furniture pieces have great delicacy and are usually gilded!

American Empire Style (1805–1830)

American Empire cane chairs feature circular ornaments on chair backs which give them a very beautiful look. These kinds of vintage lounge seating pieces are known for their sturdy construction and can be used in any indoor setting!

Victorian (1830–1900)

Victorian cane chairs are made with a large range of styles. Such kind of cane furniture pieces are usually gilded, upholstered or decorated by marquetry panels!

Napoleon III (1853–1870)

Antique Napoleon III Style cane chairs come in rich dark brown finishes and ornate carvings like acanthus leaves. These kinds of cane seats will give any room decor a royal feel!

Arts and Crafts Style (1880–1910)

Arts and Crafts cane chairs are made with simple lines and are usually upholstered in leather or velvet. Such kind of cane seating pieces will give your room decor a very traditional touch!

Art Nouveau Style (1880–1910)

Art Nouveau cane chairs have angular lines and are upholstered in velvet or leather. Such kind of antique furniture pieces will add beauty to any room decor because of their simplicity!

Edwardian (1901–1910)

Edwardian cane chairs usually come with a decorative back that feature rosettes and scrolls. Such kind of cane furniture pieces will beautify any room decor setting!

Art Deco Style (1925–the 1940s)

Art Deco cane chairs are usually decorated with fine linear carvings and feature turned legs. These kinds of vintage furniture pieces will add beauty to any room decor setting because of their simplicity!

Mid-Century Modern Style (1933–1965)

Mid Century Modern cane chairs usually have a sleek and refined design. These kinds of cane furniture pieces are usually characterized by their simplicity and elegance!

What Are The Names Of Different Types Of Antique Chairs?

Bergere Style (1840–1870)

Bergere chairs were very popular in 18th century. If you want to buy antique furniture then Bergere chair is what you need because it comes with soft curves and carved wood legs which make these pieces look beautiful!

Fauteuil Style (1740–1870)

Such kind of antique furniture pieces are usually made with high relief patterns and curvy legs which make them very beautiful.

Morris Style (1860–1900)

A Morris style cane chair is upholstered and can be used in any room decor setting. It comes with a hand-woven cane back and will add beauty to your living room!

Curule Style

A Curule style cane chair is what you need if you want to add a unique touch into your home decor. It has a simple design and is upholstered in leather which makes these pieces very beautiful!

Savonarola Style

A Savonarola style cane chair is upholstered and can be used in any room decor setting. It comes with straight legs which are usually turned, carved or fluted!

Klismos Style

A Klismos style cane chair is made with rounded cabriole legs which make these pieces look very beautiful. These kinds of cane chairs were originated in ancient Greece and Rome!

Wingback Style

A wingback style cane chair is an antique furniture piece which comes with high relief patterns and curvy legs. Such kind of cane chairs are usually upholstered in leather or velvet!

Shaker Style

A shaker style cane chair is an antique chair which has a very simple design. It is mostly characterized by its straight lines and simplicity!

Windsor Style

A Windsor style cane chair is an antique chair style characterized by its sturdy construction. It is made with a solid back and legs which make these pieces look very beautiful!

Corner Chair

A corner chair style cane chair is an antique chair style characterized by its sturdy construction. It is made with a solid back and legs which make these pieces look very beautiful!

Chaise Lounge Chair

A chaise lounge chair style cane chair is an antique chair which has a very simple design. It is mostly characterized by its straight lines and simplicity!

What Affects The Price Of An Antique Chair?

The price of an antique chair is mostly dependent on its age, design and quality. If you want to buy cane chairs then make sure that the ones you are looking for are made with good quality material!

How To Determine the Value of an Antique Cane Chair?

There are a few different ways to put a value on an antique cane chair. A great way to find what a chair is worth is to see the prices antique cane chairs have fetched at auction. You could also check to see what other pieces like the one you are interested in are selling for!

You can always consult an antique specialist to get a professional opinion on the value of your vintage cane chair.

Found this information on antique cane chairs useful? Check out our other articles on antiques and antique furniture for more in-depth research.

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